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Mini Wego - Music from movement for kids

fredag, 4. oktober 2013

If Björk and Blue Man Group had several love children they would undoubtedly look something like WE GO in their latest concert performance. Four dancers and musicians form an ensemble that merges into a single organism of bodies and instruments. Their movements create the sound and music emerges from choreography in a humourous and tightly composed mechanism.

The performance will be touring in Denmark from 16th-20th September, and will be presented in Larvik, Norway on the 31st of October 2013.

Working with Jonn Herschend and Koh i noor!

torsdag, 10. marts 2011

“We are not having any trouble in our department despite what you’ve heard, a promotional video for the Den Frie Center for Contemporary Art” - a short film by Jonn Herschend Click here to see film and more


New stuff with Wego coming soon

torsdag, 10. marts 2011

Wego working on a new show - working title “Falling”.

Falling in all the different ways you can - still more to be explored.

Where having the first premiere in Holland, Amsterdam in June - then we work some more on the whole thing and then we premiere in Denmark in August at Entrescenen. Continued with a week of performing at Teater Momentum and a general tour in Denmark.

Hopefully we will have a small interlude at the Jazz festival in Copenhagen in July.


torsdag, 10. marts 2011

Wego is still going strong on tour in Denmark - click Wego for trailer

Boda Boda at Kampale National Theater and at My world Images festival

mandag, 10. januar 2011

BODA BODA - a performance by stuartLYNCHlynchCOMPANY / MY WORLD IMAGES
- A mix of  singing, politics, spoken word og dance.

The piece premiered in Uganda Kampala as a part of a cultural exchange, at the national theater of Kampala and then toured in Denmark as a participant in the My World Images festival.

With: Michael Ouma-Mariba (Uganda), Samuel Prince Ibanda (Uganda) og Amia Miang (Denmark).
Concept: stuartLYNCHlynchCOMPANY


Dansens dage…..

fredag, 16. april 2010

Wego are performing in DANSEhallerne on thursday 29th of april at 22 h.

It’s a huge party with: Fagget Fairys, Djuna Barnes, art byKaren Segall, ArtRebels, us-as in WEGO, and much more. The party is op en for everyone and it’s for free! Doors open at 20 and it all ends at 04.

Baby Blue på Betty Nansen

onsdag, 6. januar 2010

We are playing and performing the great Bob Dylans lyrics in danish. Staged by Kamilla Wargo Brekling and Niclas Bendixen. Lyrics recreatet by the danish rockpoet Steffen Brandt, performed by him and the lovely singer/actress Trine Dyrholm. Further more the music is played by the fantastic musicians: Nicolai Munch-Hansen, Jakob Bro, Rune Kjeldsen, Silas Hagemann Tinglef, Simon Toldam og Jacob Funch. And the amazing performers are: Pernille Koch, Susanne Bonde, Dorte Petersen and myself.

And it’s all happening at the beautifull theater - Betty Nansen

Tjeck out the link for more info and pictures


torsdag, 24. september 2009

Taking over the part from Christos Papadopoulos - very exiting…

Check out the WEGO page for more info

Wego - A performance in concert!

torsdag, 24. april 2008

On our way to Århus and Vilnius!

Photographer: Allard De Jaager

First working on a residency in the beautiful town, Århus and then participating in the New Baltic Dance festival in Vilnius - Check us out… We have a new great dancer on our team…

Ballroom - A basketball/dance performance

fredag, 9. november 2007

Photographer: Morten Vest

In cooperation with choreographer Helle Fuglsang, a steady crew of dancers, the local basket team, we are making the basketball/dance performance - Ballroom.