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TicketNetwork is amongst the most excellent secondary ticketing exchanges accessible to ticket brokerages

mandag, 17. januar 2011

TicketNetwork Ticket Brokerage service Online resources

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Boda Boda at Kampale National Theater and at My world Images festival

mandag, 10. januar 2011

BODA BODA - a performance by stuartLYNCHlynchCOMPANY / MY WORLD IMAGES
- A mix of  singing, politics, spoken word og dance.

The piece premiered in Uganda Kampala as a part of a cultural exchange, at the national theater of Kampala and then toured in Denmark as a participant in the My World Images festival.

With: Michael Ouma-Mariba (Uganda), Samuel Prince Ibanda (Uganda) og Amia Miang (Denmark).
Concept: stuartLYNCHlynchCOMPANY