Arkiv for marts 2011

Working with Jonn Herschend and Koh i noor!

torsdag, 10. marts 2011

“We are not having any trouble in our department despite what you’ve heard, a promotional video for the Den Frie Center for Contemporary Art” - a short film by Jonn Herschend Click here to see film and more


New stuff with Wego coming soon

torsdag, 10. marts 2011

Wego working on a new show - working title “Falling”.

Falling in all the different ways you can - still more to be explored.

Where having the first premiere in Holland, Amsterdam in June - then we work some more on the whole thing and then we premiere in Denmark in August at Entrescenen. Continued with a week of performing at Teater Momentum and a general tour in Denmark.

Hopefully we will have a small interlude at the Jazz festival in Copenhagen in July.


torsdag, 10. marts 2011

Wego is still going strong on tour in Denmark - click Wego for trailer