Arkiv for oktober 2012

Look see me… A short film

mandag, 22. oktober 2012

A short film about our collectivly loss of dreams and our intact illusions. A humorous and slightly awkward erotic movie about to women trying to seize their chance to reinvent them selves and dress up in new identities. The search and find of and amazing inner space where womanhood and staging is in full thrive.

Photography: Martin Køhler Jørgensen and Helle Pagter
The movie is made on ideas from Helle Pagter, Pernille Koch and Amia Miang
Instruction: Helle Pagter
Performers: Pernille Koch og Amia Miang
Editing: Helle Pagter
Foley: Frank Mølgaard Knudsen
Hair and makeup: Line Ebbesen, Maria Bauch Wahlin and Liv Tverskov Sørensen
Everything else: Cemile Høyer