Curriculum Vitae



2015 “The Einstein of sex”, by Livingstones kabinet on Husets Teater  - with national and international tour i fall 2016

2014 “Fordi vi også er alt det vi har mistet” - a short film by Helle Pagter, Pernille Koch og Amia Miang

2014 “Music from Movement” by miniWego - National tour

2014 “Men de begyndte” byJacques Matthiesen v Teater Passepartouts

2013 “Morgenfrisk” - a commercial for

2013 “Music From Movement” -  by MiniWego, a concert in movement for kids

2013 “35 mm” - a live performance act by Stine Marie Jakobsen curated by Damp gallery 

2012 “Zumba” a commercial for Danske Spil - poker

2012 “Look see me” - a short film first shown during JungeHunde på Bora Bora by Helle Pagte, Pernille Koch and Amia Miang

2012 “Habengut” - a childrens performance at Folketeatrets børnescene by Lisbeth Burian
Music from Movement på Grob during Copenhagen jazz-festival af Wego also shown at Teater Momentum and on Bora bora
Wego - “Music from movement” på Melkweg i Amsterdam
2012 Venus labyrinten by Cantabile2

2011 “Credits” en performance film by Stine Marie Jakobsen

2011 Babble Babble by Livingstones Kabinet

2011 “We are not having any trouble in our department despite what you’ve heard, a promotional video for the Den Frie Center for Contemporary Art” - kunst film af Jonn Herschend

2010 “Tusmørke” a shortfilm by Maria Bäck 

2010 “Aften” a shortfilm by Maria Bäck

2010“Boda Boda” by LynchCompany and the My world Images festival. Premiere in Uganda at the National Theater of Kampala.

2009-2010 Wego -  “Completely simultaneously”

2009 - 2010 “Baby Blue” at Betty Nansen by Kamilla Wargo Brekling and Niclas Bendixen

2009 COP15 - Choreographer and director at the COP15 show at Deloitte headquarters - Working with Søren Raffnsøe.

2009 Choregraphic consultent at “Renos rene skov” a childrens play by Bo Bertram

2006 + 2007 +2008Ballroom” directed by justcougars

2007  + 2008 Wego – “A performance in concert” directed by Kirstine Kyhl Andersen and Niels Bjerg

2007 “København” directed by E.K.K.O = Karina Dichov Lund, Emma Nordanfors and Klara Elenius

2006 ”In my room” directed by Emma Nordanfors

2006 ”Respekt” directed by Anders Christiansen

2006 “A sense of red” a dance movie directed by Anja Farsig

2005 + 2006 “Status N” directed by Rolf Heim and Karina Dichov Lund

2005 ”Nonsens” a film directed by Helle Pagter

2004 “Dansolution” directed by justcougars

2004 ”Zoom” directed by E.K.K.O Karina Dichov Lund, Emma Nordanfors and Klara Elenius.

2004 Junge Hunde - ”Ingmar Jones” directed by Adelaide Bentzon

2004 Junge Hunde - ”Body bio” directed by Karina Dichov Lund and Lisbeth Burian

2004 ”Frontiers” directed by Sara Gebran

2003 - 2004 ” 57Beds” directed by Signa Sørensen

2004 winner of ”Dansolution” directed by Ninna Steen and Amia Miang

2004 ”Dada” directed by Martin Tulinius og Adelaide Bentzon with tour in Helsinki

2003 ”Hendrix House” directed by Tim Feldmann / Wilda with tour in Vilnius

2002 - 2003 Circus princesse for I/C Companys with tour in Holland, Switzerland and Poland

2002Why do we punk?” directed by Punk!

2002 ”Dansolution” directed by Poul Laursen

2002 Woo co. “The Women” directed by Angela Guerreiro

Has further more participated in a variety of shows, fashion shows, music videos and made dubbing for cartoons etc.